Bringing the Best of an International Wine Experience to the Comfort of Your Home or Business

Having a gathering with friends, family, colleagues and would like to have a guided virtual wine tasting? We got ya!

How it Works?


We are bringing the wine maker hosted experience that people yearn for directly into your location at your leisure without having to actually go to a vineyard.
I have created an Interactive virtual wine tasting experience that is very user-friendly and a frictionless experience. It’s a perfect experience wherever location you may choose. Using technology you already have in-home or business all you need is Internet connection and our international wine recommendations, of course.

Imagine This

Inviting your wine loving friends or colleagues for an afternoon of wine tasting entertainment bringing the top rated international experience directly to them. Now all you need to do is POP open the bottles fire up the computer and log into your virtual Wine tasting.

You will experience an active and live tasting that you and your friends interactively follow along as I guide you through the history and story of the brand and give behind the scene insider info on the wine industry. We all engage and contribute to live conversation and of course we taste and enjoy theses international wines.

I’ll be tasting along with you anywhere in the world and you’ll be tasting along with me at home or business. This is a fantastic way to spend an afternoon entertaining your inner circle of wine loving friends or colleagues.

Wine and Tasting Notes

4 International Wines Selected for you with Appetizers recommendations to Pair

Education, Knowledge and Fun Facts

We will show you how to drink wine, what stemware is best, introduce you to each varietal, the grape, region and much more… we even include some FUN wine facts ?

Recording of Tasting

As a gift to you we will record your live experience. A great keepsake!

Priceless Experience

Enjoying fine food and wine, surrounded by your tribe, is not just a joy- it’s one of the highest forms of living.

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