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Our Story

We are passionate about fine wine and committed to celebrating the beauty and complexity by education, tasting, travel and ENJOYMENT!

Petula Sankarsingh’s passion for wine began to blossom about 17 years ago. Certified by the Wine & Spirit Education Trust, she started the company Era of Elegance in 2009. Specializing in private events, Era of Elegance focused on wine and food-pairing education through an emersion experience.

After moving from Chicago to Miami in 2016, Ms. Sankarsingh developed Petula’s Wine Café – a branch of Era of Elegance but with a different twist, the full-emersion, multi-day retreat that is Vino, Nosh & Namaste, wine education, travel, events, merchandise and much more… keeping BALANCE.


Michelle DeHaven

Amazing wine knowledge with a friendly, balanced approach. Perfect for connoisseurs and newbies alike. ❤️

Pon Angara

Amazing knowledge and artisan expertise. Petula Sankarsingh brings you on a sensual journey you will never forget.