If you are a real Oenophiliac, then this undermentioned list of top 10 Indian women in
wine and vineyard will astound you:

1.Rupali Bhatnagar- She is the renounced assistant vice president and chief winemaker of flavoured
and sparkling flavoured wine at Sula vineyards. Reflecting her reach in creativity, she created an
unusual blend of Chenin blanc, Shiraz miogniern riesling Thomson, etc

2.Uma Chigurupati- A successful entrepreneur and two-time holder for the Guinness Book of World
records. She has shown a vital presence in the activities going on in the vineyards in the Hampi hills

3. Chef Ritu Dalmia- a prolific and devoted worker with endless gastronomic innovation and her wine
cellar with a collection of unparalleled wine for the Sans professional training.

4. Madhullika Bhattacharya: A multifaceted PR professional, radio jockey, that spearheaded premier
wine and liquor store at La cave.

5. Sonal Holland – A proficient lady who is a master of wine with trailblazing achievements in the fieldof wine and a leader to inspire young lads generating interest toward the wine industry.

6. Kalabari Kapoor: An intense aspirant who after returning to India from US devoted herself to doing
wine business and successfully set up the nascent wine industry at Kolkata.

7. Manish para: An ordinary Delhi girl from Miranda house who initially faced humongous roadblocks
at the beginning of her journey. She kept herself motivated throughout the challenge and she stood
out to join chateau indage and later on continued with Finwines and many more.

8. Kiran Patil: She proves to be the driving force behind Revelio wines, a family owner of the estate
bottled winery. She has been persistently and prominently working in the sector for more than 14

9. Aeisha Sahni: Holding a bachelor's degree in hotel management, she had a keen interest in the
wine industry. During her internship at Province in South of France, she worked in a vineyard during
the harvest season and thus became a successful wine industrialist.

10. Reva Singh – Her pioneering efforts in familiarizing by launching SI educate readers about wine
and fostering wine drinking culture in India. She was the one who spearheaded the mission of
spreading awareness in india regarding the winery culture.

The top 10 vineyards wineries in India are listed below:

1. Sula Vineyards: Situated on the banks of Gangapur Dam in Nashik, Sula vineyards is India's
finest and most popular winery. This 160-acre winery is the source of popular wines like
Sauvignon Blanc, Blush Zinfandel, Brut and Late Harvest Chenin Blanc.

2. Chateau Indage Vineyards: This widespread vineyard lies on the outskirts of Pune at a place
called Narayangaon. They have 3 branches spread across Indian and produce some of the
most exception wines of India.

3. Four Seasons Vineyards: It is a compilation of four vineyards – Zinzi and 4 Seasons, Cabernet
Sauvignon, Shiraz and Merlot. They cover over 55 acres of land in the sub urban region of
Bangalore, Maharashtra.

4. Fratelli Winery: This winery comprises of the largest reserve of red wine in India. Affiliated
with Italian wine this premium wine brand is located in many locations in Maharashtra
including Pune, Nashik, Solapur and Sangli.

5. Chateau d’Ori Vineyards: These 400 Ares vineyards is spread across the Nhera-Ori hills,
Nashik. The winery of Chateau d’Ori is responsible for producing some top finest red wines in

6. ND Winery: The producer of wine brands like ND wines are Cabernet Sauvignon, Sauvignon
Blanc, Chenin Blanc and Syrah. This is also located across Nashik surrounded with a
mesmerizing view of valleys and lakes.

7. Charosa Vineyards: This vineyard is named after a small village Charosa situated on the
foothills of Nasik. This winery supplies both premium and semi-premium segment & range of
wines. Some of the famous wines of Charosa Vineyards includes Tempranillo and Sauvignon.

8. York Winery: The producer of both red and white wine in India is situated across the
Gangapur Dam, Nashik. The York Winery has made a name for its reserve blend of Shiraz
and Cabernet Sauvignon

9. Reveilo Winery: The revelio winery lies on the banks of Nashik valley and it produces some of
the most popular wines like Reveilo Chenin Blanc,Reveilo Chardonnay,Reveilo Syrah and
Reveilo Cabernet Sauvignon.

10. Heritage Vineyards: situated in Karnataka, started in the 2004. The wine yard is spread over 25acres of land has a footfall of endless visitors. It’s a place best suited for parties & gatherings